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 Zagzoog For Home Appliances

Zagzoog For Home Appliances


Zagzoog for Home Appliances was founded in 1959 by Sheikh Suleiman Said Zagzoog (May Allah have mercy on his soul)

The company has great experience in the marketing and sale of home appliances for more than 60 years.

Zagzoog Company for Home Appliances is responsible for shipping products free of charge to customers in Saudi Arabia.

Important instructions:

  • During the purchase process, please provide your phone/mobile number and detailed description of your home/ location for a convenient delivery.
  • You can cancel delivery & installation orders, request a refund, or exchange with extra payment or refund the difference in price within 24 hours of purchase invoice issuance.
  • Delivery time is from 3-5 days depending on the season and external factors. The delivery & installation team will contact you to schedule the delivery time.
    Please inform the delivery and installation section about any special details that may affect the safety of technicians while installation. Please note that in case of any safety hazard in the installation site, the delivery & installation team will cancel the installation.
  • The Customer must confirm condition of the unit and ensure receipt all of its accessories including warranty card while receiving the unit; as the company will not be responsible for any missing accessory or damage after receipt.
  • Please read all instructions for site preparation before installation to avoid any damage or disruption in the installation process.
  • We also need the customer to read the operating manual supplied with the unit to have knowledge about operation and specifications of the unit to ensure better results.
    In case of any query, please contact the salesman with chat system on

  • For after-sales services (Maintenance), please contact our Customer Assistance Center on UAN number 920004111 or WhatsApp No. 0596715066.

In case of Air conditioners project, we offer Free of Charge inspection visit/s to the site to know the exact requirements of the site and submit quotation accordingly

Before Sales Service:

In case of Air conditioners project, we offer Free of Charge inspection visit/s to the site to know the exact requirements of the site and submit quotation accordingly. For more information, please contact

After sales service:


Name: Mohammed Alawi

Job: Head of Customer Relations Unit

Email: [email protected]

Toll-Free Number: 8001000717

Unified Number: 920004111

warranty applies to products represented by Zagzoog for Home Appliances Company, either directly or through its dealers within the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only.

Products warranty is two years as stated in the following table which determines the warranty period for each product and spare parts not covered by the warranty as well as provision of spare parts in lifespan of the product.

The warranty period is calculated from purchase date of the unit as shown in the purchase invoice and warranty card.

Customer is also requested to register data of the Electronic Warranty Card on the company’s website .

Exchange and Return policy for household appliances:

1. Exchange or Return must be made within 7 days from the date of original purchase invoice.

2. The product to be returned must be in the same original packing/ condition in which it was received.

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