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Hakeem Medical Touch aims to provide a variety of Services that serve medical centers of all kinds, such as selling devices Medical provision of services, courses and specialized workshops And awareness in the field of sleep disorders and respiratory care.

Hakim Medical Team

Hakeem's touch medical team consists of a group of experts in Sleep medicine and respiratory care, which includes:

- Sleep medicine consultants.

- Consultants for chest diseases.

- Sleep specialists.

- Sleep health education specialists.

- Specialists for lung function tests

- Respiratory care specialists.

- Medical device specialists.

Our services:

Providing the latest international devices (Knox) ​​for diagnosing sleep disorders. Providing the latest treatment devices for sleep disorders and respiratory care and medical supplies.

- Establishing/operating sleep laboratories and lung function laboratories.

- Establishing/operating Sibab clinics to follow up on sleep disorder patients.

- Home services in the field of sleep disorders and respiratory care.

- Organizing specialized courses in the field of sleep technology and lung function and respiratory care.

- Analyze and read sleep disorders and lung function tests.

- Evaluating and providing consultations for sleep and pulmonary function laboratories.

our vision

We are working to be the leader in comprehensive care services For sleep and respiratory care, in line with achieving the Kingdom’s vision Saudi Arabia 2030 to provide the best health services.

our mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care with our specialty Unique to healthcare and community facilities

our values

Integrity, safety and passion with high performance in the field of sleep and care Respiratory and health services

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