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1) Introduction

1.1. The following are the terms of use of the Mowarid Online Platform that govern your access to and use of the website and platform (“Mowarid”) and all pages, content, information, tools and services available from this website.

1.2. Please read and review these Terms and all other policies supplementing them (collectively the “Terms and Conditions”) very carefully before browsing and using the Mowarid Site or placing any order as they affect your legal rights and obligations.

1.3. By accessing or using any part of the site, you confirm that you have read these terms, understand their content and agree to be bound by all of their terms, if you do not agree to these terms, please stop using our services.

2) Service description

2.1. Since the person whose data is listed in the registration wishes to obtain an account on the Mowarid platform that specializes in displaying the suppliers’ products and goods, so that the platform represents an intermediary between the suppliers who display their products and the buyers or beneficiaries of these products, and the role of the site is limited to linking and communicating between the supplier and the buyer.

2.2. Mowarid provides services in accordance with the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the provisions of the E-Commerce Law.

3) Eligibility to receive services

You guarantee to us that:

3.1. That you have full legal capacity to make contracts.

3.2. You have full, unrestricted legal authority to enter into this Agreement with us in accordance with applicable regulations.

3.3. That you are not affected by any of the symptoms of eligibility, and that he has mental powers, and that he is able to perceive and distinguish.

3.4. You have not previously been suspended, removed from the Service, or your use of our Services has been disabled, or prevented from using our Services.

3.5. You have full power and authority to contract and that you will not be in breach of any law or contract.

3.6. If you are registering on behalf of a business entity, you have the power and authority to bind the entity to these Terms, and you and the entity will comply with these Terms and all applicable laws.

4) Obligations

4.1. After completing this form and agreeing to the terms, Mowarid platform is committed to granting the registrant an account on the platform through which he can review the suppliers' products, submit requests, and make contracts with them, without any financial or legal consequences on the platform.

4.2. The beneficiary is obligated to disclose the data shown in the registration application in a manner that is identical to the commercial register of his facility.

4.3. The beneficiary is obligated to fulfill the contracts made with suppliers through the platform, and to pay the amounts due in exchange for these contracts according to the contract.

4.4. The beneficiary shall bear all errors that arise because of him when contracting, and he is not entitled to terminate the contracts for this reason except after the approval of the supplier with whom the contract was made.

5) Orders and contracts

Mowarid allows the beneficiary, through its account on the platform, to browse the suppliers’ pages, view their products and merchandise, and place orders, explaining the following:

5.1. The products that the beneficiary wants to buy from the supplier, and the number of each item.

5.2. The date on which the beneficiary wishes to receive the product from the supplier.

5.3. The method of receiving the product, as follows:

5.3.1. The location of the supplier's facility shown in his account.

5.3.2. Delivery by Supplier When this service is available with the Supplier, and the Supplier is entitled to charge an additional fee for delivery.

6) Payment Policy

6.1. You can pay for your purchases online using any of the following major credit cards:

·       6.1.1. Visa

·       6.1.2. Master Card

·       6.1.3. Bezel

·       6.1.4. STC Pay

6.2. If the product is refunded, it will be on the same credit or debit card. This will take 3 business days to complete, then the value will be credited to your card balance according to the time taken by your bank.

6.3. Mowarid takes internet security very seriously. That's why our site is fully HTTPS encrypted to ensure your security in all aspects, including the MPGS/MIGS route. That is why, when you use a credit/debit card, all your data is encrypted to the highest level, it is kept on the bank's servers only to protect it from hackers and criminals, and all data is hosted by the online international payment gateway.

6.4. Credit/debit card details are not stored within our systems or computers; This is another guarantee of complete security when placing an order on, it is completely safe.

6.5. Mowarid will not bear any legal responsibility as a result of the error in the payment process, nor will it bear any responsibility as a result of hacking or fraud on its cards used on the Internet

6.6. In the case of payment upon receipt, the amount due for the total order will be collected by the delivery representative when the order is delivered.

6.7. Only the local currency (Saudi Riyal) will be accepted in the Cash on Delivery service.

6.8. The method of paying the value of the product, as follows:

6.8.1. Payment by the platform by electronic means, when this option is available to the supplier.

6.8.2. Pay the supplier upon receipt of the product, when this option is available to the vendor.

6.8.3. Pay the supplier on credit with a payment due date specified, when this option is available to the vendor.

6.8.4. Payment to the supplier by installments with specifying the number of installments and the date of the monthly installment, when this option is available to the supplier.

6.9. Mowarid has the right to amend the payment policy, change or add payment methods, without requiring the approval of any of the platform users.

7) Customized terms and requests

7.1. After completing the request via the platform, it is referred to the supplier, to respond to it, and to issue a final offer that includes his approval of the request, the special conditions and requests contained therein, the identification of the available products, and the final price of the product inclusive of tax and fees - if any -, and this procedure is an offer from the supplier.

7.2. After the supplier sends the final offer to the beneficiary, the beneficiary responds to it with approval or rejection, and in the event of approval, this is tantamount to acceptance by the user.

7.3. The supplier has the right, if the payment is deferred or by installments, to increase the price over the price displayed on the platform, in proportion to the delay or installment, and this increase is indicated by the final offer that is sent to the beneficiary.

7.4. The supplier has the right, if the purchase is on deferred or by installments, to request that the beneficiary sign bonds to order the deferred amount or the remaining installments, and these bonds shall be recovered after the payment of the amounts released therein. The execution court, and the first party bears all the fees incurred in collecting the amount.

8) Receiving the product

8.1. The supplier must fulfill the requests he made with the beneficiary by delivering the products and merchandise purchased and agreed by the user and that they conform to the agreed specifications.

8.2. Upon receiving the product, the beneficiary must ensure that it conforms to the specifications in terms of its type, number, and quality. Receipt of the product from the supplier is considered an endorsement of the product’s conformity with the description, and the receipt shall be a reason for any defect or violation claim after that.

8.3. After receiving the product by the beneficiary, the platform must be notified of this through the designated field.

8.4. If it is found that the product provided by the supplier does not conform to the specifications, the beneficiary has the right to refuse to receive the product, and the two parties must specify another deadline to receive the correct product. And in the event that the supplier fails to do so for the second time, the beneficiary has the right to reject the product and recover all the amounts he paid to the second party.

8.5. The supplier and the beneficiary don’t have the right in modifying the product, except after the approval of the second party, and if one of them violates this, the other party has the right to refuse the service, and to recover the product or the amount paid, as the case may be.

9) Communication between supplier and beneficiary

The invoked means of communication between the supplier and the beneficiary is the correspondence that takes place through the supplier platform or through the e-mail of the two parties indicated in their statements.

10) Order Complaints

10.1. In the event of any problem or complaint from the beneficiary to a supplier regarding any order or product, the beneficiary must first communicate with the supplier through the platform’s communication system and inform him of his complaint and find a solution to it, and if a solution is not found, the complaint is submitted to Mowarid platform management To search for it and follow up its procedures with the supplier.

10.2. The amounts paid from the beneficiary are withheld for the legal period of time necessary until the complaint is investigated between the supplier and the beneficiary, and after a solution is reached, the withheld amounts are released.

11) Intellectual property rights

11.1. All intellectual property rights in the Services and content relating to the Site and Platform (including but not limited to: text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio and video clips, digital materials, documents, data sets, software, programming rights and other code therein (“Intellectual Property”). “) remains the property of Mowarid and is protected by intellectual property rights and laws.

11.2. You are prohibited from posting, distributing, reproducing or copying any content provided on the Services or using any part of the Platform Content for commercial purposes, in whole or in part, without our prior written permission.

11.3. It is prohibited to use or reproduce the name and logos of the platform Mowarid or any similar marks without our permission.

12) Trademarks

12.1. Images, logos, page headers, button icons, and service names relating to the Mowarid Platform (“Trademarks”) are the property of the Mowarid Company.

12.2. Any other trademarks appearing on the Platform that are not owned by Mowarid are the property of their respective owners.

12.3. You may not use any of these trademarks anywhere for promotional purposes, intentionally or unintentionally.

12.4. Nothing contained on the Mowarid Platform shall be construed as granting any license or right to use any Trademark without the prior written permission of the party that owns the Trademark.

13) Third Party Links

13.1. Mowarid platform may contain links to other sites and applications owned by third parties, including social sites, and since these sites are not under our control, we do not accept any responsibility for the quality, nature or accuracy of any content on these sites, or any responsibility for the functionality or procedures, privacy settings and policies, terms or content of such websites.

13.2. You agree that Mowarid will not be a party to any transaction or contract you may enter into with any third party, and shall have no liability to you for any loss or damage that you may suffer or arising from the use of such third party sites and services.

13.3. You agree not to involve us in any dispute you may have with any third party website or service, and your use of such third party websites is at your own risk.

14) Force Majeure

Mowarid company shall not be liable for any delay or failure to provide the services, if it was caused by a force majeure event, emergency circumstances or similar events beyond its control that would prevent or impede the process of providing the service.

15) Laws and Dispute Resolution

15.1. These terms and policies and all transactions that take place through the Mowarid platform are governed by the provisions of Islamic Sharia, the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

15.2. If there is a dispute between the supplier and the beneficiary in the application of the provisions of the contract between them, or an unresolved disagreement with the terms of this agreement or the terms of sale and receipt, it will be sought to resolve it amicably, and if the dispute continues for more than two weeks from the date of notification of the other party, the affected party has the right to file a lawsuit The other party with the courts or commercial departments to which it belongs shall have the spatial jurisdiction of the other party’s establishment country shown in the data recorded in the platform, and the convicted party is obligated to compensate the other party for all litigation fees and expenses.

16) Adjustments

16.1. Mowarid has the right to revise these Terms at any time and to make updates or changes to one of their terms in its sole discretion, and these Terms will become effective when posted on the Platform.

16.2. All modifications are effective immediately upon posting, and apply to all of your use of the Platform after the effective date of their update.

16.3. Your continued use of the Mowarid Platform following updates to these Terms constitutes your express acceptance of such modifications and your legal acceptance of the new Terms.

16.4. You agree that the revised version supersedes all previous versions of these Terms.

17) Additional Terms

17.1. Any agreement or condition that has not been written in the final offer agreed upon between the supplier and the beneficiary shall not be considered, unless it is agreed upon by both parties by correspondence via the e-mail of each of them.

17.2. These terms apply to all orders made through the Mowarid platform, and the account holder has no right to disavow orders placed through the account, for any reason, except with an explanation.

17.3. Nothing in these Terms shall explain the existence of a joint, partnership, employment or agency relationship between the Mowarid Company and you as a user (whether Vendor or beneficiary) as a result of these Terms or your use of the Mowarid Platform.

17.4. Each supplier registered on Mowarid platform is deemed to have agreed to the provisions of this agreement to be applicable to all contracts with the beneficiaries.

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