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Mowarid is a platform and website that has been designed by experts in the field of design and programmed with the latest technologies in order to meet the needs of customers and provide services that help bridge the gap between suppliers of the commercial, industrial and service sectors and all those in the wholesale and retail sector, even individuals, and allow the opportunity to display their products on the platform and determine their prices in a manner Periodically and marketing it by facilitating the process of communication and e-marketing for our customers and providing the latest offers available to them.

The Mowarid  platform is committed to displaying and managing various types of products and services in addition to providing many options for online shopping in order to meet the users’ demand, and in line with the brand’s commitment by including suppliers and manufacturers via the platform and providing them with the opportunity to communicate and present their products and services to provide a unique shopping experience that meets the needs of the community as well as Contributing to supporting the economy.

Our vision in Mowarid  is to always work professionally and provide a distinctive experience to provide and display products and services, cover all medical, industrial, food, cosmetic and other sectors, and enter them into new markets to introduce them to meet the needs of customers and suppliers, in order to achieve the largest possible geographical coverage.

Our goal in Mowarid  is to provide excellence in service and achieve the concept of partnership with suppliers, manufacturers and customers and to do business between them with high efficiency and effectiveness.

yours sincerly

Mowarid  team

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